Friday, May 14, 2010

My Dubai counterpart :-)

Life is magical...
Always there are definitely few folks who think exactly like you on a topic...
Sumwhere on blogspot, I read a post by a girl from  Dubai ..
and it felt like "hey..I would have written this "
"Here go the lines...
I am a day dreamer!
Yes and i m proud to be one. 
i love visualizing a fantasy world which may or may not be true.
i like seeing situations go my way and in my dream world i dont have to fight it out with the real world.
In my dream world i can be barbie, snow white, the President of United states of america or even be the Radio jockey at the local radio station.
I love dreaming maybe more than i love sleeping because i can even sleep in my dreams!
As a kid my dreams seemed so true to life , like as if they were not dreams but actually taking place.
i believed in my dreams even if nobody else did and i knew that my dreams would come true one day. But these dreams took place while i was asleep.
My day dreams are more at work when im bored, or dull or in the blues. i like imagining myself on a beach with my loved one( now how i wish that would happen)...without anyone to disturb us...
sometimes.. i feel my dreams are also a reflection of what could have happened!
so until next time in going to keep dreaming.. and off i go to paris....."

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