Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pre-school (part-2)

In the last post, I told you all 'bout my first interview..luckily enough,I was selected in that but..... due to some circumstantial problems, I was admitted into another school and trust me, this new school of mine was just fabulous . :)
The place, we called "school" looked less like a typical school, and more like a picnic spot and that was what I loved out there.
The entrance to the school had lots and lots of flowers in different arrangements and that gave the place a heavenly you entered further into the school, you come across a small stream on one side and a little pool on the other side.The pool had lottsa tiny fishes and was one of my favourite hang-out spots those days though back then, "hang-out"term was unknown to me :)
My school also had a little hill inside the campus and the hill was filled with lottsa foliage and used to be a lovely passtime to go up on the hill and enjoy :)
Coming to the most special spot in the campus, at one corner of the playground, there was a moderately-sized bush with an opening.. one day,I had discovered it accidentally and thought "how bout a bush-house,if not a tree-house?" :D
I was always fascinated by the concept of tree-top houses I had seen in movies and soooo... the chance to have a bush-house seemed nonetheless interesting too :)
Soo,I gathered some like-minded friends and soon..our bush-house was in place :) We designed a little door for it through using some branches :)
Whenever we used to have free periods, we used to go inside the bush-house .. we even used to have lunch and occasionally feasts too inside it ...
We also kept 2 puppies inside that little bushy world of ours ...
Those days were simply awesome ... :)

School times recalled... pre-school (part-1) :)

School holds a very very special place in my life,in my heart , in my existence ... "school" is one of those episodes of my life with which I gladly associate my happiness,confidence and even pride too.Going long back along the memory trail,I can still see fresh the images of when I had my first encounter with school..come with me to watch a virtual movie of all those times..A little girl walking alongwith her mom to a school for pre-admission interview..she's not scared and there're no butterflies fluttering in her stomach..know why?? Not coz she's loaded with confidence or anything of that sort,rather just 'coz her innocent mind is yet to learn the terms like "expectations ","pressure to perform","career","self-esteem" etc etc and sooo... though she's walking upto an interview, she hardly knows about it :)
She walks into a big room, all the time holding tightly to her mom's hand.. there around a desk, sit 3-4 men and women with varied expressions on their faces.. After some initial formalities, she's asked to sit down too and one after the other,she's asked questions ranging from rhyme recitations to story-telling to numerical abilities and all.. she happily answers everything ... her mom has always taught her that when you are asked such questions, answer all to the best of your ability,then only you will be called a good girl & can have chocolates too...And this little girl loves both those things- admiration and chocolates ..soo,she goes on doing her job in the best way known to her.. The interview is over,the interviewers seem quite impressed, mom looks happy too and the little girl..?? She stares at everyone's faces with a smile and an unspoken question "I am good na??" She finally gets her answer when while returning back to home, her mom buys her a big chocolate bar .. :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My coffee tale continues..

I am back with a hot cup of coffee. :) In my last post,I shared memories of my first encounter with my steamy companion.Coming to what else I associate with it..mmm...romance?? May be.. I personally feel it's really romantic sharing a cup of coffee with your beloved..a night under the open sky with him and both of us sipping coffee from the same cup..mmm...I love it..Simpler still,sitting down with a cup of coffee after a long tiring day can be just too relaxing and rejuvenating and if there's a special someone to share with,the joy multiplies in exponential proportions.Think bout it-a rainy day and you are all-drenched..and right then,you are treated with a cup of hot coffee..mmm? Wouldn't you like that??I would love that..
When shared ,coffee feels special and when enjoyed in solitude,it sparks off so many memories and sweet feelings if you let your heart loose for a while..sooo...when it comes to coffee,any time is coffee time ..
You're down with a bad cold and fever ...your mom comes in with a cup of coffee and sits near you..isn't that sweet? :)
You're alone at home..suddenly,your friends come to your sneak in to the kitchen and make coffee for all of them and give them a treat-quick and easy ,nonetheless too sweet...Not a bad idea,is it? ;)
You have exams coming up and you're tired of bout a coffee-break? Best companion during :)
You're alone and the weather outside may be rainy.. how bout a cup of coffee with soothing music in the background? :)
Leave it all..just say..there's no purpose..nothing.. a cup of coffee would still be welcome :)
That's the coffee-magic..only a coffee-lover knows and understands and can relate to :) Cheers !!!

My first cup of coffee

2nd Jan 2010- It'a chilly night and I felt this sudden urge to write..but what topic to write upon?? How about "a cup of coffee"?? -I am sure this topic should be apt for the moment given the cold winds blowing now.A cup of coffee is something that can be a too usual day to day stuff at times,but at times,it can be something too special with lots of feelings attached to it.Going back the time-line to my first cup,I was a school girl then in third standard.I had been to my English teacher's home with my mom for a visit; there I was offered a cup of cold coffee.Back then,coffee was not a regular stuff in my home, so this simple offer of coffee out there was nothing less than a real treat for me.I wanted to say "Yeah,I would love to have some coffee" but was scared apprehending that Mom might not approve, given tea and coffee were kinda restricted to mostly adults in our household those days.I was really confused as to what to say and what not to;so,as always,I resorted to my all-time diplomacy-all I did was -I just smiled.Aunty popped up a new question this time - " Have you ever had coffee? " Now,at least,I had an answer,and prompt came my reply "no"."Do you like chocolates?" Oh!! One more question and that too a simple one .. I happily replied "Oh yeah,I love chocolates" Now,Aunty seemed to be satisfied with the question-answer round and said "Okay then, have a cup of coffee today.I am hopeful that you would like it" I smiled again and looked at Mom...and lo !! she was smiling too.I felt as if I was on seventh heaven and I must say I heard my heart saying "yippeeeee!!" . My first sip of coffee that day would always remain too special for me and I just loved the taste.Thereafter, I used to have coffee almost every-time I went to their house and to this date too,my English teacher of that day still remains one of my most favourite people and coffee remains as one of my most favourite drinks.Now that was about my first date with coffee.Later, as I grew up,coffee entered into my daily routine and spread its warmth.Before I write bout my other coffee stories,I gonna make some coffee for me now..would get back with the coffee :)