Saturday, January 2, 2010

My coffee tale continues..

I am back with a hot cup of coffee. :) In my last post,I shared memories of my first encounter with my steamy companion.Coming to what else I associate with it..mmm...romance?? May be.. I personally feel it's really romantic sharing a cup of coffee with your beloved..a night under the open sky with him and both of us sipping coffee from the same cup..mmm...I love it..Simpler still,sitting down with a cup of coffee after a long tiring day can be just too relaxing and rejuvenating and if there's a special someone to share with,the joy multiplies in exponential proportions.Think bout it-a rainy day and you are all-drenched..and right then,you are treated with a cup of hot coffee..mmm? Wouldn't you like that??I would love that..
When shared ,coffee feels special and when enjoyed in solitude,it sparks off so many memories and sweet feelings if you let your heart loose for a while..sooo...when it comes to coffee,any time is coffee time ..
You're down with a bad cold and fever ...your mom comes in with a cup of coffee and sits near you..isn't that sweet? :)
You're alone at home..suddenly,your friends come to your sneak in to the kitchen and make coffee for all of them and give them a treat-quick and easy ,nonetheless too sweet...Not a bad idea,is it? ;)
You have exams coming up and you're tired of bout a coffee-break? Best companion during :)
You're alone and the weather outside may be rainy.. how bout a cup of coffee with soothing music in the background? :)
Leave it all..just say..there's no purpose..nothing.. a cup of coffee would still be welcome :)
That's the coffee-magic..only a coffee-lover knows and understands and can relate to :) Cheers !!!

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