Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pre-school (part-2)

In the last post, I told you all 'bout my first interview..luckily enough,I was selected in that but..... due to some circumstantial problems, I was admitted into another school and trust me, this new school of mine was just fabulous . :)
The place, we called "school" looked less like a typical school, and more like a picnic spot and that was what I loved out there.
The entrance to the school had lots and lots of flowers in different arrangements and that gave the place a heavenly you entered further into the school, you come across a small stream on one side and a little pool on the other side.The pool had lottsa tiny fishes and was one of my favourite hang-out spots those days though back then, "hang-out"term was unknown to me :)
My school also had a little hill inside the campus and the hill was filled with lottsa foliage and used to be a lovely passtime to go up on the hill and enjoy :)
Coming to the most special spot in the campus, at one corner of the playground, there was a moderately-sized bush with an opening.. one day,I had discovered it accidentally and thought "how bout a bush-house,if not a tree-house?" :D
I was always fascinated by the concept of tree-top houses I had seen in movies and soooo... the chance to have a bush-house seemed nonetheless interesting too :)
Soo,I gathered some like-minded friends and soon..our bush-house was in place :) We designed a little door for it through using some branches :)
Whenever we used to have free periods, we used to go inside the bush-house .. we even used to have lunch and occasionally feasts too inside it ...
We also kept 2 puppies inside that little bushy world of ours ...
Those days were simply awesome ... :)

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