Saturday, January 2, 2010

My first cup of coffee

2nd Jan 2010- It'a chilly night and I felt this sudden urge to write..but what topic to write upon?? How about "a cup of coffee"?? -I am sure this topic should be apt for the moment given the cold winds blowing now.A cup of coffee is something that can be a too usual day to day stuff at times,but at times,it can be something too special with lots of feelings attached to it.Going back the time-line to my first cup,I was a school girl then in third standard.I had been to my English teacher's home with my mom for a visit; there I was offered a cup of cold coffee.Back then,coffee was not a regular stuff in my home, so this simple offer of coffee out there was nothing less than a real treat for me.I wanted to say "Yeah,I would love to have some coffee" but was scared apprehending that Mom might not approve, given tea and coffee were kinda restricted to mostly adults in our household those days.I was really confused as to what to say and what not to;so,as always,I resorted to my all-time diplomacy-all I did was -I just smiled.Aunty popped up a new question this time - " Have you ever had coffee? " Now,at least,I had an answer,and prompt came my reply "no"."Do you like chocolates?" Oh!! One more question and that too a simple one .. I happily replied "Oh yeah,I love chocolates" Now,Aunty seemed to be satisfied with the question-answer round and said "Okay then, have a cup of coffee today.I am hopeful that you would like it" I smiled again and looked at Mom...and lo !! she was smiling too.I felt as if I was on seventh heaven and I must say I heard my heart saying "yippeeeee!!" . My first sip of coffee that day would always remain too special for me and I just loved the taste.Thereafter, I used to have coffee almost every-time I went to their house and to this date too,my English teacher of that day still remains one of my most favourite people and coffee remains as one of my most favourite drinks.Now that was about my first date with coffee.Later, as I grew up,coffee entered into my daily routine and spread its warmth.Before I write bout my other coffee stories,I gonna make some coffee for me now..would get back with the coffee :)

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