Wednesday, December 30, 2009

First attempt at blogging

Well, this perhaps should have been my first post but well, as the saying goes "Better late than never" .I am no "writer" as such, but yeah, at times, I do feel like putting down my emotions through words and pictures, and my entry into the field of blogging is just a medium in the same direction.My close friends and family members keep on saying that I talk a bit too much, and so,I was advised to use blogging so that may be my words would get a positive channelization.After a lot of procrastination,I started my blog formally on 29 december 2009 in an attempt to spark off something new before the new year strikes and I must say,I am thoroughly enjoying the experience.I don't know what motivates others for writing, but for me,I can definitely declare that I am writing because I am loving the activity immensely.And I think I am going to carry on with this interesting new endeavour.Though I have no professional baggages associated with this enjoyable act,I would be happy to receive comments from critics as to how was their experience in my blog and about the ways I can make my blogging as well as blog a better one . Thank you all.

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