Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winter baby..a winter princess

I was born in winter and that might be one of the possible reasons behind my fascination for this season.Winter for me is synonymous to innocence,freshness and joy.The arrival of winter re-ignites my desire to be a little kid all over again.It feels like-I am the happiest princess of this world and all the forces of the universe have joined hands to make me smile.All my worries slip in to the backseat of my mind without me even realising it.I feel like lazing around with soft music soothing my ears, pleasant scenery greeting my eyes and a colorful fairytales' book in my hands.Life seems to be dancing to my tunes, the world seems dressed up according to my taste, the winds seem to be humming my notes..everything.just everything seems to be silently conspiring to give me the feel that I AM THE QUEEN OF THIS WORLD.

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