Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Paa- the movie -a different experience

26 December 2009- After many days,I finally saw a movie,that too a commercial bollywood movie - "Paa" and I must say, the protagonist of the movie, Mr.Amitabh Bachchan has done a commendable job.Hats off to you,Sir.To be frank, the main reason behind watching this movie was Mr.BigB ; my mom is a fan of this superstar and I was curious to check out the transformation of a 60+ man to a 12year old boy, and well, both of us,my mom and me liked the show.Perhaps,this is what you call "acting"-being able to enact with elan any role that is offered to you ,and Mr Bachchan has once again proved to his critics that he does very well know the tricks of the trade.Personally speaking, a few scenes in the movie appealed to me a lot more than the others ; for instance, the conversations between the two Bachchans was quite interesting and the point when the boy is asked about what his father does and after a slight thought,the reply comes as "He dreams",I really liked that part. And no doubt, the last scene of the movie when Auro is dying-that scene in a way reaffirms the saying that sometimes, you can do a lot of talking even without saying many words; the expressions on the faces of the artists at that point was damn good. And yeah, one more good thing was the amazing chemistry between Auro's is something magical and need not be necessarily conveyed through song and dance sessions . With a phenomenal storyline, Paa not only touches the heart of the movie buffs but also brings in few tears to even the hardest of hearts. Most importantly,this movie doesn't fall into the category of bollywood films made with a disease as the main theme, coz "Paa" gives you no sermons about the disease as such,rather with intelligent usage of the disease as the background,the movie celebrates human relationships.All in all, the movie gives you a good feeling that Hindi Cinema is finally extending its boundaries . It's a moment to rejoice, movie lovers..

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