Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My winter mornings when I was a kid

Curled up cosily inside warm blankets,the little girl sleeps soundly.None of the worries of the world touch her.She dwells in her own fantasy land dreaming of her beautiful palace,handsome prince,sprawling rose gardens and all these and more in a world where only happiness resides,where nobody has any troubles to worry for,where no one is hungry,where no one resorts to crimes,where everything is good,innocent,smiling and happy."Mama..wake up..it's 8 O'clock..common wake up fast and get ready for school"...Oh !!! Now,what's that??It's the view OUTSIDE her dreamland.She doesn't want to wake up,she doesn't want to leave her dreamland,her prince holds on to her hands, her maids want her to stay on.. her new pink gown is lying on her bed to be tried on..what'd she do now?? Her smile vanishes from her lips..her mom's words ring in her ears instead of the songs of the birds of her rose-garden..her palm gently slides off her prince's palms..and she....she wipes away a silent tear and utters "just two more minutes,Momma"And there on her bed,she lies wondering why can't she be in her dreamland forever...why does she have to come back to this world every morning.."Mama..you haven't woke up yet !!!" Oops !!! The little girl sits up on her bed and sweetly mutters.."Gooooood morningggg,mommaa" "I am awake"..Momma comes up to her,plants a gentle kiss on her forehead and ..."Get ready,fasssssst.""You're getting late for the school bus" "Hurry" And the little creature says a prayer to God and rushes to the wash-basin..her toothbrush in her hands,she sees her face on the mirror and blushes"Mmm..I am a princess indeed".."Mama,you are yet not done with your brushing!!! Hurry up."The brushing is hurriedly finished,she takes a bath,and gets into her school-dress, brushes her hair leaving some bangs to fall upon her face and sits down to eat her breakfast..a rice preparation with cauliflower,capscicum and beans-her favourite dish..her happiness knows no bounds then.."Momma,thank youuuu..it's too yummmy..Can you pack some of this for tiffin ,I want to share with my friends too" "Yes dear,your tiffin is packed already with this" "Thanks,Momma" The smile is back on her lips and her eyes are twinkling again... She finishes her food, and cuddles up to Momma , kisses her on her cheeks and gets ready with her school-bag finally..just as she's about to leave,her Mom slips into her hands a bar of DairyMilk chocolate and says "Now,hurry to the bus-stop,fasst" She smiles and waves and runs to the stop to find the bus-driver sounding the horn for her..She gets in, waves at her friend and sits near her , excitedly telling her about her Dairy Milk chocolate and her yummy tiffin for the day..The bus moves on and amidst the hustle-bustle of the city roads,the excited banter of the little girls gradually gets indistinct.. but the glow on their faces says their happy tale to all around ... Back in the dreamland, the prince sighs " I wish I could join her in her earthly dreamland ..I wish I could also share her tiffin and her chocolates ...I wish..." The little girl is a princess,indeed,both inside as well as outside her dreams..

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  1. Loveliest........I have ever read.