Wednesday, January 6, 2010

School times recalled... pre-school (part-1) :)

School holds a very very special place in my life,in my heart , in my existence ... "school" is one of those episodes of my life with which I gladly associate my happiness,confidence and even pride too.Going long back along the memory trail,I can still see fresh the images of when I had my first encounter with school..come with me to watch a virtual movie of all those times..A little girl walking alongwith her mom to a school for pre-admission interview..she's not scared and there're no butterflies fluttering in her stomach..know why?? Not coz she's loaded with confidence or anything of that sort,rather just 'coz her innocent mind is yet to learn the terms like "expectations ","pressure to perform","career","self-esteem" etc etc and sooo... though she's walking upto an interview, she hardly knows about it :)
She walks into a big room, all the time holding tightly to her mom's hand.. there around a desk, sit 3-4 men and women with varied expressions on their faces.. After some initial formalities, she's asked to sit down too and one after the other,she's asked questions ranging from rhyme recitations to story-telling to numerical abilities and all.. she happily answers everything ... her mom has always taught her that when you are asked such questions, answer all to the best of your ability,then only you will be called a good girl & can have chocolates too...And this little girl loves both those things- admiration and chocolates ..soo,she goes on doing her job in the best way known to her.. The interview is over,the interviewers seem quite impressed, mom looks happy too and the little girl..?? She stares at everyone's faces with a smile and an unspoken question "I am good na??" She finally gets her answer when while returning back to home, her mom buys her a big chocolate bar .. :)

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