Thursday, April 8, 2010

Alone at home with ENCHANTED :-)

It was night and I was alone in my house...
I was a little scared ...
Just then, an idea struck me ...why not catch a movie for diversion :-)
And so, started the movie "ENCHANTED"

And I must say, I simply loved the movie ...
Why? Well, the simplest answer to this would be- the movie was so much like me :-)
Enchanted is a 2007 American fantasy-musical film.
Plot(in brief) [from Wikipedia]-
Giselle (Amy Adams) lives in the blissful and traditionally-animated world of Andalasia, where animals are talkative companions and musical interludes punctuate nearly every interaction. She dreams of her true love, which comes true when Prince Edward (James Marsden) hears her voice in the forest. After he rescues her from a troll, they decide to marry the next day. However, Edward's stepmother, Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon), will lose her claim to the throne upon Edward's marriage, so when Giselle arrives at the palace, Narissa disguises herself as an old hag and throws Giselle down a well and into a magic portal to a world "where there are no happily ever afters" in order to keep her stepson single.

Giselle emerges through a manhole in Times Square, in modern-day, live-action New York City, and after a turn of events meets Robert Philip (Patrick Dempsey), a cynical divorce lawyer who is at first reluctant to help her find her way home. He allows her to stay at his apartment despite believing that she is crazy and worrying about the safety of his young daughter Morgan (Rachel Covey). To Robert's surprise, Giselle invites animals in the city — rats, pigeons and cockroaches — to help her clean up his apartment, and constructs a dress using material cut from his curtains. Robert reaches the end of his patience when Giselle causes an argument between him and his soon-to-be-fiancée Nancy (Idina Menzel), and a scene at his office because of her naïveté.

He decides to part with Giselle at Central Park, but rejoins her after seeing her give the money he gave her to an old woman. During their walk through Central Park, Giselle questions Robert on how he displays his affection for Nancy and spontaneously starts the musical production number "That's How You Know" with many performers in the park joining her. Giselle helps Robert reconcile with Nancy by sending an apology on Robert's behalf, along with tickets to the King's and Queen's Ball.

Meanwhile, Queen Narissa's henchman Nathaniel (Timothy Spall) follows Edward and Pip, a speaking chipmunk who is friends with Giselle, who have journeyed to New York to save Giselle. They stop at a motel, where Nathaniel questions his relationship with Narissa after watching a soap opera. They sneaks out to give Giselle a poisoned apple. Pip is unable to speak coherently in this world and has a frustrating time alerting the Prince of the minion's intentions. When Nathaniel fails twice to poison Giselle, Narissa becomes infuriated.

As Giselle and Robert spend more time together, Giselle discovers that the real world is much more complicated than she realized, while Robert is affected by her optimism and idealism. Edward continues to look for Giselle and eventually finds her at Robert's apartment. While Edward is eager to take Giselle, home, they go on a date around New York at her insistence. To Nancy's chagrin, Giselle and Edward attend the King's and Queen's Ball. After Nancy and Edward pair off to dance, Giselle dances with Robert. During their dance, Giselle realizes that Robert is her true love. Unbeknownst to them, Narissa has traveled to New York from Andalasia. Under her old hag's disguise, she manages to successfully poison Giselle, but is stopped by Edward before she can escape with Giselle's unconscious body.

A remorseful Nathaniel reveals Narissa's plot, admits his deeds and reveals that the spell of the poison apple has to be broken before midnight, or Giselle will die. Robert revives Giselle with a true love's kiss, but Narissa uses the distracting moment to break free. She transforms into a dragon, and decides to write her own ending to the story. Taking Robert hostage, she lures Giselle out the window and up to the top of the Woolworth Building. With help from Pip, Narissa falls from the roof to her death, exploding into magic dust at street level. Giselle catches Robert, and they manage to keep themselves from falling off the roof.

Nancy leaves with Edward to Andalasia and marries him. Giselle opens a boutique in New York City, where she is assisted by both humans and animals. Both Nathaniel (in New York) and Pip (in Andalasia) become successful authors. The last scene shows Giselle, Robert, and Morgan playing together and living happily ever after as a family.

Now, coming to the main part and that is why I loved the movie :-)
## Disney movies are always a treat to watch. I just love being carried away into the fantasy lands as the stories unfold beautifully before me.I am a real dreamy creature myself and I feel great to be able to relate to the thoughts and feelings of sweet Disney folks :-)
## The music is real sweet and enjoyable.
## There's so much fun .
## The sweet romance is just toooooo lovely :-)
## Blending animation and real life, Enchanted is a clever twist on the classic fairy tale.
## I am a firm believer in the "happily ever after" thing and this thread was prevalent in the movie from start to end.
## Giselle's ability to call on all the animals of her meadows allows her to do the same in NY, only the creatures she gets are rats, pigeons, cockroaches, and flies—yet they all do the work anyway—it's priceless.
## Giselle's child-like curiosity to learn new things jut touches your soul.
## It's just magiccccc :-)
## Everyone around me ask me to be practical and less-dreamy. But Enchanted-the movie - it depicted Giselle so nicely that I don't think I need to change myself. I am a Giselle and I am sure my Mr Lawyer would take real good care of me .
In this complicated world, it sometimes is a loss to be too innocent, but then this is the same world where there are more angels than there are devils. Innocence just awaits a tending hand, a caring touch, then life is as beautiful as in fairy-tales. On this day, I declare to the world, that me, a typical Giselle is really happy with her inncent dreamy thoughts and perceptions and I would live my life as a fairytale always HAPPILY EVER-AFTER. :-)
Thanks to this movie for reaffirming my faith in my beliefs and adding that extra magical touch to me and my world :-)

I think It won't be a bad idea to put in here some of my favorite dialogues from the movie :-) Here, they go-
##Prince Edward: [talking to a TV] Magic Mirror. I beg you. Tell me where she is!
Mary Ilene Caselotti: [on TV] Reporting from 116th and Broadway.
Prince Edward: One hundred and sixteenth and Broadway!
[hugs the TV]
Prince Edward: Thank you mirror!
[kisses it and runs off]

## Prince Edward: Nathaniel likes the way I leap?

## Prince Edward: I'm handsome even when I sleep?

## Giselle: Is that the only word you know? "No?"
Robert: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I mean, No!
Giselle: "No! No! No!" Over and over! When you keep saying "No!" it just makes me
so... Sometimes you make me so!... angry.
[laughs really hard]

## Queen Narissa: [transforms into a dragon] If I'm to remain queen I'll need a story
for when I go back to Andalasia. What about "a giant, dangerous monster appeared
and killed everyone, and poor Queen Narissa she just couldn't save them!" Let's
start with the girl who started it all!
Robert: [pushes Giselle further behind him] Over my dead body!
Queen Narissa: [shrugs] Alright, I'm flexible.
[grabs Robert instead]

## Robert: [singing to Giselle along with the bandleader at the ball] Now you're
beside me, and look how far we've come, so far. We are so close.

## Giselle: Why are you staring at me?
Robert: I don't know. It's just that... it's like you escaped from a Hallmark card
or something.
Giselle: Is that a bad thing?

## Giselle: Is this a habit of yours? Falling off of stuff?
Robert: Only when you're there to catch me.

## Giselle: [after leaving the shower] Good morning, Robert. I hope you had wonderful
Robert Philip: I think I'm still in one.

## Giselle: Oh, it's you.
Prince Edward: Yes, it's me. And you are?
Giselle: Giselle.
Prince Edward: Oh, Giselle! We shall be married in the morning!

## Giselle: Now if only I can find a place to rest my head for the night.
Robert Philip: What kind of place?
Giselle: I don't know. Maybe a nearby meadow or a hollow tree.
Robert Philip: A hollow tree?
Giselle: Or a house full of dwarves. I hear they're very hospitable.

## Giselle: You're unhappy.
Robert: *You made a dress out of my curtains*?
Giselle: Oh, you are unhappy!

## Phoebe Banks: Everybody has problems. Everybody has bad times. Do we sacrifice all
the good times because of them?
Phoebe Banks, Ethan Banks: [looking into one another's eyes] No.

## Robert: Oh my.
Giselle: Oh my. He's here!
Robert: Apparently.
Giselle: Oh my. Oh my goodness. How do I look?
Robert: Slightly stunned.
Giselle: No, I mean, how do I look?
[mean her appearance]
Robert: You look... beautiful.

## Robert: You know most normal people get to know each other before they get
married. They date.
Giselle: Date?
Robert: Yeah, you know. Date.
[Giselle shakes her head not understanding]
Robert: You go someplace special, like a restaurant, or a movie, or museum, or you
just hang out and you talk.
Giselle: What do you talk about?
Robert: About each other. About yourself. About your interests, your likes your
dislikes, you talk.
[both laugh]
Giselle: Oh, you have such strange ideas about love.
Robert: Maybe we should just do what you do. You meet, you have lunch, and you get
Giselle: Oh, you forgot about happily ever after.

## Nancy Tremaine: [gushing happily] Usually you just send an email with those
digital flowers. These are exquisite. Where do you find live doves in New York?

## Robert: [off Giselle's look] What?
Giselle: This is a very nice place.
Robert: Yeah?
Giselle: And we're eating dinner.
Robert: Yeah.
Giselle: [happily] This is a date!
Robert: Yeah!
[happy then realizing his mistake]
Robert: No! No. No, no, no, no. We're just, um, we're just friends.

## Robert: [after talking on the phone] It was Nancy. She's a lot like the woman in
your book. Sweetie... I'm gonna ask her to marry me.
Morgan Philip: What?
Robert: Ye, you like her, don't you? We all get along, we have a good time
Morgan Philip: Where's she going to live?
Robert: She's gonna live with us
Morgan Philip: Do I have to give up my bedroom?
Robert: No, you don't have to give up your bedroom. No. Come on, It's gonna be
great. I promise. It's not like she's gonna try and be your mother.
Morgan Philip: You mean stepmother.
Robert: She's gonna be a nice stepmother. She's gonna take you to school tomorrow,
just you and her, for some grown-up girl-bonding time.
Morgan Philip: I'm only six.
Robert: You won't always be.

## Giselle: It is magical.

## Giselle: Dreams do come true.

## Giselle: [after Robert has cured her, with love's true kiss] I knew it was you.
[kisses him again]

## Giselle: When you meet that special someone who's meant for you... [singing]
Before two can become one, there is something you must do.
Rabbit: Do you pull each other's tails?
Bird: Do you feed each other seeds?
Giselle: No. [singing] There is something sweeter everybody needs.

## Giselle : been a very kind friend to me when I had none, and I would never want
to make you unhappy or cause you any trouble, so... I'll go. I wish you every

## Robert : I know how it is when someone disappoints you. It's tempting to see
things the way you wish they were instead of how they are.

## Giselle : But dreams do come true. And maybe something wonderful will happen.

And one more interesting bit of info for my dreamy friends-
Walt Disney Pictures will be moving forward with the Enchanted sequel with Barry Josephson and Barry Sonnenfeld producing again. Jessie Nelson is attached to write the screenplay and Anne Fletcher to direct. Disney is hoping the cast members from the first film will return and for a theatrical release in 2011.Currently Adams, Dempsey, Mardsen and Menzel are all attached according to IMDB
Soooo... the magical journey has just begun..lotts more fun coming up...........

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