Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I want this,I want that too :-)

i love science ... i love knowing more of it... but m no inventor ..m no crazy scientist..i just wanna njoy doing bit of science
i love kids... i wana have a dance class4kids where i cn teach dem n cn dance wid dem bing a kid all over againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
i hv too much compassion widin me..i wanna work 4d underprivileged kids n women..i wanna teach dem, i wanna spend funtymes wid dem,i wanna mek dem smile,i wanna help dem,i wanna mek dem aware, i wanna b der4dem....
i love d stage...i wanna act..in theatre,in drama,plays,anythinggggggggggggg..i just want it...
i wanna dance...i wanna learn d art of classical dance ..mm.... bharatnatyammmmm....
i wanna dance modern graceful dances toooooooooooo
i wanna dance on d stage..i waana dance4u tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
i wanna do bhangra wid my family :-D
i wanna singggggggggg.... i wanna sing tooooooooo sweetly ........
i wanna be an anchor ... a gracefullllllll anchor wid a niceeeeeee voice n grt presentasn skills
i wanna write just4d fun of writinggggggggg...
i wanna work on awareness campaigns....

i wanna b a wife
a sister
a mother
a bride
a pride

i wanna cook4my family......bt i dnt want cooking2b a task i HAVE to do kindaaaaaaaaa
i wanna hav lottsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tym wid my family n frends
i wanna b alwezzzzzzzz der wenever ny my family member needs meeeeeeeeee
i wanna talk endlesslyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to my loved ones
i wanna be a cuteeeeee housewife bt i dnt waana b a jobless womannnnnnnnnnn
i wanna live my dreamssssssssssssss....

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