Monday, April 20, 2015

Books - I call them my friends :)

When you start blogging after a long time, it's easy to be confused or well..that's how I wish to think it's like :) So, I thought why not start by writing about very simple things- my views on them- what I feel about them here I go... I am going to tell you about my magical love affair with books :)

So, of late I have been coming across several fellas who got nothing to do with books and I find it hard to understand how do they manage !!! I love books and wouldn't ever like to live without them .You ask me why I love books ? I can go on and on :)

The first dear friends..

When I was a little kid, I had to stay home all alone as both my parents were working and there was no other living soul to give me company. And that was when Mom introduced me to books..books with stories ..books with poems... I instantly discovered a whole new world with them.. I got friends..I traveled places, went on adventures with my friends, felt happy with them , felt sad when things didn't go right with them.. Even before I could actually realize, I had fallen for them . If I am asked who was my first dear friend, it was definitely one of those pretty colorful books Mom got for me back then. Gradually colors and images gave way to more text, more characters and longer stories... Even though I was yet to interact with many people in the real world, I started understanding tidbits about human relations in the books. Books taught me, entertained me, kept me busy, kept me happy, made me more humane ...introduced me to a world where I forgot completely that I didn't really have any other living soul besides me.

My Agony Aunts...

I have been an independent person mostly; I like doing things myself, sorting problems myself. Guess how I manage? Books again !!! In Books, they seem to have all kinds of situations in one form or the other- sometimes direct references make you gasp in awe while at other times, one needs to exercise his wits to understand the indirect references out before you in black and white. I always found my books handy..they taught me things which stayed with me sub-consciously and helped me whenever I was in trouble.. So, now you see.. .I indeed have secret genies ;)

My Lovers...

What's love? Who taught me ? Mom and dad definitely did their bit by showing how they loved me :)
But apart from them, my books taught me all about love- the magic, the pain, the pleasure, the battles, the complications and how the feeling of real love is independent of all these and the heart just knows to love the lover.. Whenever I was in an affair, I felt the magic even better..when I lost in love, I knew how to take in the pain and survive.. And I learnt to never stop hoping, never stop loving just coz sometimes in life you encountered people you could have managed without as well.

My Tour Guides... 

Do I love to travel ? Yes... Have I really traveled much ? No. Irony, you say ? Say if you must however I gently beg to differ... I haven't sipped tea sitting on the English countryside... I haven't fallen in love across rivers separating me from my lovers... I haven't trekked to jungles and woke up to the chirping of birds in the wee hours of the morning... I haven't gone about sipping wine in Tuscany or hugged my love tight in the Alps... I haven't been amazed by big temples in Benaras nor I have has the joy of eating apples straight from the orchards in Himachal..but somehow I know I love those...I have traveled places in my books.... And I know I love it :) I haven't lived in several places but have pieces from different cultures are beautifully imbibed in my psyche without me even ever making an effort for the same.. that's the magic of books..

Light at the end of the tunnel ... 

Life is beautiful.. No doubts about that....however, it would be dishonest to say that all moments in life, you feel life's being good to you.. There are way too many instances when life throws lemons at us..sour and not to our liking...we can't help running into such situations.. but what we can have in our control is how we emerge from such situations.. And my books constantly helped me...Whenever I felt alone..helpless...lost...defeated...somewhere in between those pages, I learnt there are troubles bigger than me, joys that I have overseen..emotions worth fighting for...I learnt the battle is not all lost and I can make it :)

Am I done with all my reasons....well, I doubt !!! I shall update this post whenever a new reason comes up on the canvas of my mind :) But one thing never gonna change - My love for books :) I do...and shall continue to do so not until death...but across eternity if that indeed exists :)

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