Saturday, April 18, 2015

There's no right time to start great things :)

Do I wait to eat that piece of chocolate I have been craving for? Maybe not. Why?  May be because it hardly involves any effort :) But in spite of being a person who loves to read, to write, to observe, I have always been so lazy when it comes to start a blog or rather continue the blog I once had the guts to start when I was a kid :) But not any more... I so wished to start something nice and guess what !!! This's the loveliest thing I can start instantly :) So, I am back and promise not to leave no matter how busy my days tiring my nights tend to be :)

Love needs a little bit of extra effort after all :)  May be I start by compiling few things I scribbled here and there and then new things shall keep flowing in :)

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